New Year, New Ways of Being


Happy New Year my friends!
As it is still unfolding...    

I’m being called to feel into the energy of the New Year in a new way.  The usual attempt at formulating, listing and declaring my resolutions and intentions just was not working.   I felt like they were getting boomeranged back to me, or just met with an inner energetic resistance.

2019 has been about realizing that something deeper wants to happen, something that my mind can't quite see at this stage.  This feels frustrating (and irritating), yet it has allowed me to ultimately surrender into deeper listening of what wants to come through for me this year..AND how things want to come through...

I am reminded that I need time to rest and not rush that which does not want to be rushed.  I realized that life wants me to really BE with Winter. Winter is a time of dreaming into and listening to the deepest parts of our Spirit and the Spirit of life.  

Letting go of mental constructs, expectations and demands reconnects us with the magic of the unknown, the mystery of life.  Being with the unknown then allows intuition to come flowing in.

We are then able to be present with the ways life IS meeting us and asking us to engage into new growth.  This true engagement with the mystery of life brings through the flow of creative energy and embodied inspiration.

Are you feeling ready for deeper engagement with the mystery that is you,
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