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To Light Up Your Soul from the Inside Out.

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Year of The Wheel


An Initiatory Healing Mentorship to Identify, Illuminate & Integrate Your Soul’s Purpose. Work with me over 4, 8 or 12 months phases…that flow into new levels of awakening

Year of the Wheel is a transformative journey that includes Coaching, Healing, Intuitive Development, Earth Medicine, Ceremony and Ritual around the Seasonal Wheel of Life.

The Year of the Wheel program is highly personalized, as we work together 1:1 to bring your gifts and wisdom into full relationship with your life & work in the world. You can stay for one, two or all three consecutive sessions. Each phase lasts 4 months.

Read More Below or Step Into Conversation with me and begin your journey.

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Intuitive healing sessions

Single Sessions Help You to Release, Heal & Transform Stagnant or Blocked Energy & Start Fresh. $225/Initial 90-minute session. 60 & 90 Minute Follow-up Sessions also available.

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Intentional Ceremonies are powerful ways to honor and integrate important rights of passage in our lives…


The Journey Through the Year of the Wheel

Phase I:

    Open the Inner
    Door to Soul

    We call in our sacred space for your journey,  entering through the gateway of your chakras and energy body.  You will receive new insight into old ways, understand old beliefs, blocks & patterns. You’ll experience initial healing to clear the way for your deeper soul’s gifts and sacred intention.   

    Phase 1 includes:

  • Opening Ritual/Session

  • 3, 1hr. Healing/Coaching Sessions

  • Full Moon Creative Prompts

  • Custom Medicine Rituals for “Sun Holidays”

  • Custom Flower Essence
    Phase I: Year of the Wheel Guide 

Phase 2:

    Awaken Your Spirit & Creative Consciousness

    Step into the light of your intuition and creative life power.  Learn spiritual tools of empowerment and self-knowing. Align with your inner guidance, know how to co-create and receive messages from your guides and life as your path is illuminated.

    Phase 2 Includes:

  • Midway Creative Vison Quest

  • 3, 1hr. Healing/Coaching Sessions

  • Full Moon Creative Prompts

  • Medicine Rituals for “Sun Holidays”sent via personalized audio

  • Custom Flower Essence
    Phase II: Year of the Wheel Guide

Phase 3:

    Align Inner
    & Outer Worlds

    Embrace and Embody the creative magic that happens when you’re able to share your gifts & message with the world. Root down into & Honor new ways of knowing and creating that aligns your inner and out world. Explore what it means to live out your soul’s purpose and bring your light into the planet at this time.  

    Phase 3 Includes:

  • Initiation Ceremony

  • 3, 1hr Healing/Coaching Sessions

  • Full Moon Creative Prompts

  • Medicine Rituals for “Sun Holidays”sent via personalized audio

  • Custom Flower Essence
    Phase III: Year of the Wheel Guide

Sound Perfect For You?

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My Approach

As an intuitive spiritual healer & mentor, I begin each initial session with a full reading of your energy system. This includes individual chakras, aura, energy flow and other valuable information that is intended to bring awareness and offer healing.

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We’ll look at where you are on your spiritual life path and soul’s journey as well as the energetic blueprint from which you’re creating your life.

I’ll then create a deep spiritual healing experience for you based on the energetic content we uncover in the reading.

We’ll always integrate this healing & transformation with grounded action steps you can weave into your daily life.

These may include ritual, ceremony, creative expression, and the implementation of healthy energy practices.

This is where our journey together begins…

With love & blessings,



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