Spring Clearings: Release the Excess Clutter….

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It’s time for that Spring clearing!   

Spring Energy Clearing Sessions focus on dissolving rather the resolving that which does not serve you. When it is time to clean out your closet or deep clean your house, you may find yourself contemplating on the meaning of “the stuff” you are deciding to get rid of. It’s sentimental, it holds meaning, you may want wear it or use in the future… (even though you haven’t worn or used it in years..). The thoughts vary, but we’ve all been there.

Then what often happens? We decide to hold on to it. “It” does not get thrown away or recycled.  It goes back in the closet.

I’ve come to see certain energetic imprints this way.  Sometimes we convince our self that we need to hold on to “it”, whether is it a feeling, a thought, a pattern or belief.  We create reasons to hold on to it as we continue to try and extract meaning from it.

We try resolve what it means to us.

And then what happens? We put it back into our energy closet.  It stays with us, clogging our space for new insight, understanding and growth.  It keeps us in our old vibration.

This Spring I invite your healing intention to dissolve it rather then resolve it.

At least for those things that you know are so ready to go! (because yes, some things do need more time for understanding and integration…)

But for excess clutter-the real old “stuff”–recycle it back into the universe.

Allow yourself to begin with a new closet, a new palette, and new canvas for creating your life with greater possibilities.

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