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Thank you for visiting me here, my sacred space and work in the world, Three Feather Healing.

I am spiritual healer, shamanic practitioner and intuitive depth coach. My work is also informed by my training as a transformative artist, holistic teacher and my journey experience as a woman, partner and a mother.

My approach to healing is gentle yet held with strength. My style is nurturing and motivating, supporting healing and growth as you expand your own boundaries. Sessions, will be empowering, sometimes intense and always infused with light and laughter.

I bring years of training and expertise to each session, weaving together methods and modalities so that you are able to experience integral states and shifts leading to deep self awareness. Moving through intuitive sessions and developing tools and insight with ongoing mentoring, brings new levels of awareness, clarity, healing and growth.

I believe that life is the ultimate teacher and if we are in conscious relationship with life we can experience profound empowerment. The journey of awakening to myself as a healer has been the most powerful and transformative of my life, second only to being a mother. I have been blessed with many teachers and mentors who have guided me along different paths of self-discovery, and I am privileged to be that for my clients.

I have studied for many years with Shamanic Herbalist & Healer Pam Montgomery. Pam is the author of Plant Spirit Healing & Spiritual Ecology, as well as the Director of Partner Earth Education. My work in Earth Medicine and ancient wisdom plant healing is supported by my ongoing work with Pam. I serve with wise woman on the vision council of a non-profit organization called ONE - Organization of Nature Evolutionaries which supports the educational and resource mission for reconnecting people with nature.

I have a Master Degree in Transformative Art and Consciousness. My expression as an artist is guided by work in the field of transformation as I offer sacred ways to connect with our soul and the soul of the earth through art, ritual and process.

I have studied extensively in the field of Intuitive Healing and Clairvoyance with master teachers at Intuitive Way, a sacred space that remains my spiritual sanctuary.

I have studied with Cat Caracelo for many years and received my Creative Depth Coach Certification and Facilitator training through Journey Path Institute.

These paths of training have been, and continue to be, vital in my journey as a healer, mentor and coach who believes that the flow one’s creativity equates to the flow of one’s life force.

You may visit me in my enchanted Canyon studio nestled in nature (Oakland Hills), my healing space in Berkeley or through a phone or Skype connection.

I create a safe, sacred space for your deep soul exploration. I am excited to support your healing needs and desire to journey with life in new ways.

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