The Path of Three Feather


When I first began my path of looking deeply inward, I heard a call…

It was a call that sounded so familiar, yet had become distant.

There was a longing in my soul that had become so strong.  I knew I had to listen.  I continued to follow the beauty of this sound; I followed the beckoning light…

I picked up my first feather on the journey.

Holding it in my hand, I allowed it to guide me. I allowed myself to be guided into new thresholds of my being.

I continue to pick up feathers when I see them.  Only the ones I know are for me.

This symbol connects me with my relationship with the unknown- the unseen, the Great Spirit that guides us. Through the feather, I hear the voices of the living earth and spirit.

Following this path has been and continues to be an honored service.

In forming my healing practice, I listened.

I was given the name Three Feather Healing.

The symbol of the Feather is my guidance from spirit.  I have learned from direct experience that three is a magical number.  We receive messages in three.

Spirit connected me with the three fold healing path- Identify, Illuminate and Integrate.

Three Feather Healing.  The name that has stayed with me.  It is mine, yet it always reminds me that it is not about me.

It is always about listening to this greater call.

In light and spirit,


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